GC Suns Chairman shuts down Gary Ablett rumours

Gold Coast Suns Chairman Tony Cochrane has come out swinging, following reports Gary Ablett asked the club if he could move back to Geelong.

Reports emerged overnight that the two-time Brownlow Medallist sought permission to re-join the Cats after his wife Jordan expressed her desire to move back to Victoria but the Suns rejected the offer.

The star still has two years left on his multi-million dollar contract with the club.


Mr Cochrane spoke to 102.9’s Flan and Emily Jade on Thursday morning to hose down all the rumours.

“If you believe that, then you will also believe Usain Bolt gave me a call yesterday and wants to know if I can come to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics and run against him in the 100-metre final,” Cochrane joked.

“It’s a beat up out of Melbourne,” he added.

Cochrane admitted there had been talk about Ablett leaving the club but it was nothing like what reports suggest.

“Here’s what actually took place. The guy very kindly, well before the Trade season, had a brief discussion with our Head of Football to see whether we needed any help in the salary cap.

“The conversation was dismissed immediately.

“We said “No absolutely not Gary, you’re really a part of the furniture here. We just want you fit and want you back on the park for the next two years playing you’re exciting brand of football” That was the end of it!” Cochrane said.

“He’s a really good bloke, he’s got the club’s best interest at heart.

“I actually feel really sorry for him that he’s been dragged into this in this manner.”

The Suns Chairman said the reports were likely drummed up in Melbourne and that Geelong added some fuel to the fire.

“How convenient it hits on the very day the Gold Coast Suns have a great announcement with the AFL that we’re going and playing a game in Shanghai,”

“And now we’ve got to deal with a complete load of BS out of left field from some genius in Melbourne.”

There are still questions surrounding Ablett’s captaincy at the club next year, with the Suns having discussions with the star as to whether he carries on as leader or steps down to give him the best chance of getting fit and recovering from two years of injury battles.

Listen to the full chat with Flan and Emily Jade here: