GC Uncovered: Eleea Navarro

Eleea Navarro is an Australian musician/model with a mature sound and an innate gift for songwriting.

Becoming a finalist in Miss Universe Australia in 2014 and winning the talent section in Miss World Australia in 2016, Navarro is a knockout performer with the world at her feet.

Speaking to 1029 Hot Tomato’s Pete ‘Scoot’ Carter on GC Uncovered tonight, the 22-year-old said while she loves modelling, she has always had a fierce passion for her art, having grown up with musical parents.


“I grew up in Mullumbimby just near Byron Bay, on a farm there with my two older brothers and mum.”

“That’s where I started my music – my mum was a singer and she always pushed it as something we could do together and both loved.”

Eleea says her song lyrics are drawn from what goes on around her.

“I always draw from my own experiences, I listen to other people’s stories, I read stories – I pick up just one word and that might inspire a whole song.”

Eleea Navarro Lion EP

Lion by Eleea Navarro

Speaking to Scoot tonight, Navarro announced she and guitarist Chris have put together a five track EP, ‘Lion’, which is now available on Bandcamp.

You can check out the raw and emotive vocals of Eleea Navarro as she performs two tracks from her EP live in the 1029 Hot Tomato studio: