GC Uncovered: John Hosking

Although he was a passionate musician growing up, John Hosking was too shy to share his music with the world until mid 2014.

It wasn’t until he moved to the Gold Coast from Adelaide in 2014 that John completely opened up and released his music to the community.

With more time and calmer surroundings on the Gold Coast, John has spent the past two years polishing his song writing and broadening his acoustic playing.


Speaking to 1029 Hot Tomato’s Pete ‘Scoot’ Carter on GC Uncovered tonight, John says he draws inspiration from life when writing his songs. “I get my inspiration from family, friends, situations, past experiences, and even future experiences,” he said.

You can check out John performing two tracks in the 1029 Hot Tomato studio below:

For more on John Hosking, visit: facebook.com/JohnHoskingAcoustic