GC Uncovered: Meet Katie Who

Singer Katie Who has a way of catching your attention, which 1029 Hot Tomato’s Scoot knows full well.

During her interview as part of Gold Coast uncovered tonight, the songwriter and radio jock discussed the first time they met at a local beer garden.

“I went and grabbed my guitar from the car, played a couple of songs and your mate recorded I think,” Katie said.


Scoot replied: “I was completely besotted, I couldn’t believe someone did what you did. You’ve obviously got music running through your veins.”

Known as a ‘one woman band’ Katie has had a massive year in 2015, releasing her debut EP and travelling around the country to perform.

With a sound like Stevie Nicks mixed with Florence, Mumford & Sons and Paramore, it’s no surprise people are often left asking Katie who?

See more of her chat with Scoot and her live performance in the Hot Tomato studios in the video below:

For more on Katie Who, visit: http://www.katiewho.net/