GC Uncovered: Meet Mistram

Mistram believe the world needs a ‘New Revolution’ in music.

Speaking on GC Uncovered tonight, the band’s bassist Brent Henshaw told 1029 Hot Tomato’s Pete ‘Scoot’ Carter that they are on a mission to create their own style of music. “The world doesn’t need a new love song, it doesn’t need a song for people to take their clothes off to. The world is screaming out for a new revolution.”

So what exactly is their style? Brent, lead singer Tim Pitchford, and lead guitarist Mars describe it as a mix of blues, roots, grooves and smooth moves and a sensual sound that is ‘Super Sexy Satisfaction’.


One thing for sure is Mistram have nailed three part harmonies, with Scoot saying their voices are “electric”.

Check them out performing live in the 1029 Hot Tomato studios below:

For more information on Mistram, visit: mistram.com/