GC Uncovered: Mick McHugh

Mick McHugh is renowned as a performer who truly wears his heart on his sleeve.

A one-man band – he effortlessly plays the acoustic guitar and harmonica, all while performing foot percussion and singing.

With an array of heart touching, catchy songs, it’s not surprising that McHugh is often referred to as an Irish Cat Stevens.


Speaking to 1029 Hot Tomato Pete ‘Scoot’ Carter on GC Uncovered tonight, McHugh said: “Since coming over here a lot of Australian people have said that. It’s not something I modelled or studies but I was definitely influenced by some of his big hits.”

Check out Mick McHugh performing live in the 1029 Hot Tomato studio in the video below:

For more information and to hear more songs from Mick McHugh, visit: mickmchugh.com/