GC Uncovered: Ocean Parade

If you love rock’n’roll, Gold Coast band Ocean Parade will be right up your alley.

The 5-piece act got their confidence to start playing local gigs after 1029 Hot Tomato’s Scoot heard the boys, or shall we say dads, jamming out at a party.

“We owe you a hats off, because it was you that got us motivated,” guitarist John told the radio host during Gold Coast Uncovered tonight.


All 5 members of the band – John, Darren, Scott, Jason and Ian – are fathers and often cop criticism for being ‘daggy’.

“Our kids are all into the new age sort of stuff and we’re all still into rocking out,” said John.

Check out Ocean Parade performing two tracks in the 1029 Hot Tomato studio below:

For more information on Ocean Parade, check out: facebook.com/oceanparade/