GC2018 Commonwealth Games ticket requests open

Gold Coast Commonwealth Games organisers are urging everyone to get on their website from midday on Monday to register their ticket requests so the event can meet its budget.

GOLDOC CEO Mark Peters said “it is an exciting day for us, 345 days” until we get to see the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games opening ceremony.

“Today everyone can go online on our GC2018 website and put their ticket request in.


“We’re calling it a ticket request because we know some of the events like the netball finals, beach volleybally finals, swimming and track and field will probably be oversubscribed so everyone’s got til the 22nd of May to put their request in.

“For those events that are oversubscribed we will actually go into a computer generated ballot and everyone will know by June which event they’ve been successful in getting to.

“He said there has been a lot of interest already, which has been exciting because this has been five years of planning and now people are actually starting to see athletes come here and the ambassadors have done a great job.

Mr Peters said yes some of the best action will happen in the heats.  “When you go to the heats of the swimming or the heats of the track and field, the badminton people are absolutely busting their boilers and the good thing about that is because they’re not finals – if you take track and field, a kid can go to athletics for $10 and an adult is $20”.

“So in this concept of affordability the heats provide this wonderful opportunity to see some sports you may never see again.

In terms of ticket requests he said “get on and do it, you don’t have to do it all today”.

Mr Peters also admitted there is pressure on GOLDOC to get the GC2018 opening ceremony right “it reflects on what you are as a city and a state so there’s been massive consultation throughout the community and all of the local artists and also internationally”.

He said it’s like so many things “you put the planning in place and you’ve just got confidence in the people working on this that it’s going to be something spectacular”.

To mark Monday’s ticketing milestone, GOLDOC Chairman Peter Beattie AC and GC2018 Ambassador and Gold Coast swimmer Cam McEvoy will be at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane at midday.