GCCC to invest in flood cams and sandbagging machines

The Gold Coast will invest in more CCTV flood-cams to sharpen the city’s response to flood emergencies.

A review of the recent floods across the city has found emergency and council services handled the situation well, however Mayor Tom Tate said it revealed areas which could be improved.

“I want to deploy more CCTV cameras especially near roads that normally go under,” he said.


While the city has detailed flood modelling in place, he said it would be invaluable to have live pictures of exactly what’s happening in flood-prone areas as floodwaters rise.

The council’s Getting Ready campaign will also be given a funding injection so it can be broadened, and preparations will be made easier for people trying to flood-proof homes and businesses.

“We’re going to have sand bagging machines,” the mayor said.

“You won’t have to wast time shovelling sand into bags, the machines will be operating, the bags will be full, and you’ll be able to just load them into your car and come back for a second load if you need more.”

Council rubbish tips will also be opened to everyone, including commercial operators, free of charge in the immediate wake of a flood, so damaged goods and waste can be disposed of more efficiently.