GC’s second casino hamstrung by Government’s pokie ban

The chances of the Gold Coast getting a second casino are getting slimmer and slimmer, with Tourism Minister Kate Jones ruling out more pokies on the Coast.

During a State Estimates hearing, Broadwater MP David Crisafulli questioned the Tourism Minister, asking if she could rule out granting poker machine licences for the proposed casino.

Minister Jones agreed she has.


The Member for Broadwater told MyGC all Liberal and National Party representatives on the Coast have been campaigning for no more pokies.

“We’ve heard from our constituents, we don’t want to be overrun by pokies, we don’t want the Gold Coast to become slot central,” he said.

“For months we’ve asked the question, and under the glare of Estimates you have to tell the truth.”

Minister Crisafulli added, the “Minister for Tourism has been tripping around the globe telling casino operators she wants them on the Gold Coast.”

Statistics have revealed Gold Coasters are pouring nearly $1 million a day into the poker machines.