‘Gel blaster’ legislation to change in Queensland next month

A number of legislation changes are being brought in next month, to deal with the increasing popularity of ‘gel blasters’ across Queensland.

The ‘replica weapons’ are only legal in Queensland and South Australia, but over the last couple of years have become more present within communities.

Therefore, Queensland police are bringing in more legislation to govern how owners should behave with the blasters.


From February 1, 2021, the legislation will include the following.

  • Replica firearms, such as gel blasters, will not be classified as a firearm or category of weapon
  • Replica firearms do not require a licence or need to be registered with Weapons Licensing
  • When not in use, gel blasters must be stored securely, for example, in a locked cupboard or a bag, but not necessarily in a gun safe
  • When being transported, a gel blaster has to be out of sight, for example, in the boot of a car or in a bag that does not silhouette a firearm
  • Anyone owning a gel blaster must have a reasonable excuse for having one, for example, being a collector of replica weapons, or a member of a club that uses them recreationally.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Brian Connors says more than 100 people have been charged with misusing a gel blaster over the last two years.

“Replica firearms, such as gel blasters, can look similar to handguns, shotguns and rifles from around the world.

“It is incredibly important for all people possessing replica firearms to familiarise themselves with these new rules,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Connors said.

Police also launched an awareness campaign on the responsible use and possession of gel blasters back in 2019 with the support of the industry.

“The ‘Stop and Think’ campaign will continue to promote the safe use of gel blasters as a popular pastime, support small businesses that sell equipment and supplies, and ensure community safety,” he said.

“The public’s safety is of the utmost importance.

“Gel blasters and other replicas can look very similar to real firearms, and we don’t want them used to threaten people or commit crimes.

“We want to see all owners adhering to the new legislation with responsible storage, transportation and use of Gel Blasters.

“We continue to encourage members of the public to report inappropriate behaviour.”

For more information on replica firearms, click here.

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