Gents, you got a burger to go with that shake?

Cancer Council Queensland spokesperson Katie Clift gives Queensland men a serious dose of reality – and it’s not pretty.

HEAVIER, unhealthier and a shorter life expectancy – on almost all risk factors (weight, daily smoking and risky drinking) Queensland fellas are faring worse than females.

Queensland Health data shows nearly 65 per cent of Queensland men are overweight or obese, compared to around 50 per cent of women.


The data also shows about 15 per cent of Queensland men smoke daily, compared to 13 per cent of women.

That’s not all – more than 30 per cent of Queensland males are also consuming more than two alcoholic drinks a day on average, compared to 10 per cent of women – and when it comes to life expectancy, men are likely to live until 79, while women are expected to live until 84.

Men are also more likely to be hospitalised in their lifetime.

Having a poor diet and inactive lifestyle can lead to overweight or obesity, which increases the risk of chronic diseases – including some cancers.

One in two Queensland men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime – more than 13,400 Queensland men will be diagnosed with cancer this year alone, and sadly nearly 4500 men will die from the disease.

Research shows up to one-third of cancers are preventable through lifestyle changes including eating healthily and maintaining a healthy weight – so we need to get this right.

Many men don’t realise the things they’re doing on a daily basis may be impacting their health and wellbeing, and how those decisions impact the way we look, feel and perform.

The way you look and your choice to be healthy will help you live the life you deserve to live – so skip the burger and shake next time!

More information about Cancer Council Queensland is available at or via the Cancer Council Helpline 13 11 20.