Geoff the vet crosses the finish line in Antarctica

Gold Coast Veteranarian Geoff Wilson has successfully completed his latest hair raising mission, raising money for the McGrath Foundation.

Geoff the Vet has crossed the vast expanse of Antarctica, tethered to a coloured kite and dragging what has become known as the “boob sled”.

He has posted on his Facebook page that he has completed his 3300-kilometre expedition to cross Antarctica solo and unassisted.


Geoff set off from the South African end of Antarctica on November 13 and was four days in when a ”very frightening storm” with 70-knot winds convinced him he would never finish.

He told the Sydney Morning Herald ”in the first 14 days I spent seven days stuck in the tent.” Then came the glacier – a 3000-metre climb over 200 kilometres. ”The sled is 180 kilos full of food and fuel and kites and skis. I had to split the sled into two loads. To cover six kilometres, you’d walk 18 during the day. You’d go up with one load, come back, drag another load up and do it all again the next day.”

Wilson’s Pink Polar Expedition has raised almost $200,000 for the foundation, which cricketer Glenn McGrath founded with his wife Jane before she died of breast cancer in 2008.

Geoff told the 5th Element Expeditions “final credit must go to my amazing wife Sarah – who on many nights, would break things down simply, provide loving support, advice and sound counsel on the sat phone.  At multiple points when I felt I couldn’t go on, or had entered a cul-de-sac or dead end, Sarah would from afar know her man well enough to refocus and redirect my energies so that I found the strength to proceed. For my family – I am glad the stress is over and that I am homeward bound”.

He also paid tribute to local Journalist Kate Carlyle who was first diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago.  Mr Wilson said “I caught a glimpse of what you have endured for 4 long years, I have an understanding of the Breast Cancer journey now.  I am committed to the great work that the McGrath Foundation do for women like yourself and can only say that I hope I carried myself across this vast continent with a tithe of the grace and strength that you have shown in battling this disease.  My good friend, I am glad both our treks are coming to a successful close”.

Tomorrow Geoff will transfer to Union Glacier and then head home to the Gold Coast.  He has not ruled out future challenges.