George Floyd’s life celebrated at Houston funeral

George Floyd, the man who died at the hands of US police officers sparking weeks of nationwide protests, is now being laid to rest in Houston, beside his mother.

In a moving funeral service, after multiple memorial services over the past week, relatives and friends celebrated his life.

Many called for justice, with his niece Brooke Williams telling the service her uncle’s death was not a murder, but a hate crime.


“Why must a system be corrupt and broken? Laws were already put in place for the African-American system to fail.

“These laws need to be changed, no more hate crimes please.

“Someone said ‘make America great again’, but when has America ever been great?” Ms Williams said.

Floyd’s Aunt also spoke, thanking people for all their support.

“The world knows George Floyd, I know Perry Junior. He was a pesky little rascal, but we all loved him,” she said.

Rev. Al Sharpton vowed to George Floyd to the keep the movement going, and that his suffering represents all suffering.

“Your family’s going to miss you, George, but your nation is going to always remember your name.

“Because your neck was one that represented all of us.”

“You fought a good fight. You kept the faith. You finished your course.

“Go on and get your rest now. Go on and see mama now. We going to fight on. We going to fight on. We going to fight on. We going to fight on,” Rev. Sharpton said.

It comes as protests around the country continue into their third week, with many now calling for police departments to be de-funded.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner was among many others to give a speech honouring Mr Floyd, saying he will sign an executive order cracking down on policing in his city.

“We will band choke-holds and strangle-holds, in this city we will require deescalation, in this city you have to give a warning before you shoot.

“In this city, you have a duty to intervene,” Mayor Turner said.

The 46-year-old will now be laid to rest in his hometown of Houston, alongside his mother.

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How come the media doesn’t publish Floyd’s criminal record armed rape of a pregnant woman ,drug dealing this guy was a scum bag now they want to defer saint hood on him .I prospective 27 blacks killed by other blacks in Chicargo last weekend