George Pell’s appeal launches today

Cardinal George Pell will launch his appeal in the Melbourne Court of Appeal today, after being found guilty of historically molesting choirboys.

His lawyers are expected to argue their client was treated unreasonably during the trial.

They apparently have three main points: the first, that the jury couldn’t have been satisfied beyond all reasonable doubt that he was guilty, especially given that Pell had more than 20 favourable testimonies.


The second is that the court didn’t allow the showing of a video by Pell’s legal team that was meant to demonstrate that his offence would have been impossible.

And the third, that there was a ‘fundamental irregularity’ in the trial, because Pell never plead guilty or not guilty before the jury.

The former senior Vatican official is currently serving at least three years and eight month behind bars for his crimes.

It’s being reported that Pell might make an appearance in court, donning handcuffs, or he could appear via video link from jail.

It’ll be the first time he’s been spotted since March – when he was sentenced.

Pell continuously denies sexually abusing two choirboys in the ’90s.