Gerard Baden-Clay wins appeal against ‘murder’ of wife Allison

Gerard Baden-Clay has had his conviction of murder downgraded to manslaughter.

The Qld Court of Appeal found Baden-Clay not guilty of the murder of his wife Allison but guilty of her manslaughter.

Justice Hugh Fraser set aside the murder conviction in Brisbane’s Supreme Court this morning.


The 45-year-old was convicted last year of murdering wife Allison at their home in Brookfield, in Brisbane’s west, in April 2012.

He was later sentenced to life in prison with a 15-year parole period.

During his appeal four months ago, lawyers argued Baden-Clay panicked and unintentionally killed Allison during an argument at their home.

Allison’s parents were in court today for the shock decision and have released a statement expressing their disappointment.

“The family of Allison are disappointed by today’s Court of Appeal decision, and remain supportive of the original findings of the court,” a statement released by the Dickie family said.

“They await the legal process to play out in the hope that justice for Allison will be served.”

“As always, the efforts of the family remain centred around the wellbeing of Allison’s daughters, who now face a further period of uncertainty.”

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How does he get away with murder? all our laws need overhauling and reforming. Police get assaulted and people get away with it all the time. These things make you want to join a political party and push for change in the justice system. Come on politicians, these are the sorts of things the people want changed. We want consequences for crimes committed, we are sick of good behaviour bonds and slaps on the wrist.

Does he get extra years for perjury.

Panicked and unintentionally killed her? What??? Get real! She was his wife not an intruder… Total rubbish. He lost his temper and murdered her. He was ashamed at being found out in his own guilt. This is not justice. Praying for the girls who are now left without their mother! How selfish and how cruel.