Gerry Harvey says Amazon expansion in Oz could be slow

Gerry Harvey is playing down concerns raised by other retailers ahead of the Amazon invasion.

The web-based retailer is searching for land to buy here so it can build several warehouses.

Mr Harvey told Fairfax Media, Amazon is yet to find a suitable site.  The Harvey Norman chairman also said the market has overestimated how quickly Amazon could get land in Australia and start delivering.


He said “let’s assume I buy a block of land tomorrow. I’ve got to buy it, pay for it, put in a development application. If that happens within three years, that’s very quick.”

He went on to say that “for their model to work they would need 50 warehouses in Australia. Start with two – one in Sydney and one in Melbourne – and then it’s how do you deliver? That’s the best-case scenario.”

Mr Harvey bought land in the Brisbane suburb of Macgregor for about $18 million just under a year ago and settled six months ago.  He said he is still trying to get council approval.

Amazon had been planning to be fully operational in Australia in late 2018.