Get hands on at POT, Tugun’s newest pottery studio

If you’ve ever felt the undying urge to recreate that scene from Ghost (yep, I’m talking about the one on the pottery wheel), this one’s for you.

POT in Tugun is a pottery school designed to teach you all things clay.

Learn the art of pottery at POT studios four-week introduction courses in either hand-building techniques (HAND) or wheel throwing (THROW).


Get the low down on how to use the clay, tools and equipment – and in just four short weeks’ – you’ll go from a block of clay to a glazed pottery piece that will undoubtedly go straight to the pool room.

Image supplied by POT

Once you’ve completed either of the HAND or THROW courses, you’re invited to the MAKE sessions, where you get full use of the equipment and guidance from a pottery mentor.

To attend POT workshops there’s no experience required – just a fun attitude and the willingness to get your hands dirty.

To enter into POT Studios, founded by Cindy Hamrey, is to ascend into an urban sanctuary in the quietly humming creative community of Tugun. Image supplied by POT

Visit their website to find out more.

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