Get ready to binge because ‘The Sinner’ is among several new shows hitting Netflix next month!

Get the popcorn ready my friends, because Netflix has just released its list of new shows coming to the streaming platform in June and boy are we in for a TREAT!

If the names Hannah Baker and Clay Jensen mean anything to you, then you’ll be planning a binge night ASAP, because the fourth and final season of 13 Reasons Why is among the epic titles we’re being treated to next month.

Queer Eye season 5 will also be hitting the streaming platform with its biggest season yet! Yes that’s right, we’re getting 10 episodes this season… Two more than the usual 8, and what we did to deserve this I do not know but i’m not complaining.


And, without further ado, the one series i’m looking forward to the most… The terrifying, but oh-so-addictive thriller, THE SINNER.

The third season will see Bill Pullman return as much-loved detective Harry Ambrose, however the new lead is being played by actor Matt Bomer.

It’s set in upstate New York and follows an investigation into a tragic car accident, which is being described as the “most dangerous and disturbing” case of Ambrose’s career.

Watch the trailer:

And take a sneak peek at the full list of shows hitting Netflix next month below:

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