Giant spider hitches a ride in Aussie man’s motorcycle helmet

A motorbike rider has received one hell of a shock, after he found a massive spider lurking inside his helmet.

Sydney man Mark Anderson was travelling into work one morning this week when he saw something furry out of the corner of his eye.

Turns out he wasn’t seeing things… It was a just GIANT HUNTSMAN who had decided to hitch a ride!


“I wanted to share this experience I had when riding into work one sunny morning in Sydney,” Mr Anderson posted on the Australia Spider Identification Facebook page.

“As I was looking around for a place to park my bike, I noticed something near my visor moving around… so I pulled over, took off my helmet and saw I had a ‘passenger’.

“I got off my bike, took a few photos of my new friend and then carefully placed it into a nearby tree…

“It dawned on me is that this little critter had most probably been on my bike somewhere, moved to get a better grip on me and clung on for dear life during the 10km ride in!”

PHOTO: Mark Anderson | Australian Spider Identification Page

The photos have sent fellow social media users into a frenzy, with one person even commenting that they would have burned the bike and helmet.

“Ohh HEELLL NO 😂🤢  That would be the death of me,” wrote another.