Girlfriend of Actor Jim Carrey may have taken his pills

It is claimed that Actor Jim Carrey’s girlfriend may have taken some of his pills before she was discovered dead by several of her friends at her rented California home last week.

TMZ reported Cathriona White was upset after her boyfriend unexpectedly broke up with her on September 24.

According to TMZ, White was found with prescriptions for Ambien (a sleep aid), Percocet (a pain killer), and Propranolol (a beta blocker).


Reportedly, there is “reason to believe” that White may have taken the medications from Carrey’s house.

Journalist Tony Ortega wrote on his blog The Underground Bunker that White had been studying Scientology.

He claimed White had stalled in a course called the Survival Rundown that can take “hundreds of hours to complete,” and that it may have played a role in her death.

A rep for the controversial church denied these claims.

People magazine reports Carrey will fly to Ireland for White’s funeral.

“Jim has been left devastated after the tragic death of Cathriona. Attending her funeral in Ireland will be the least he could do to pay tribute to the woman he loved,” a source said.

“He has been in touch with Cathriona’s family and they want him at the funeral. They know how much he meant to her.”

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