Girlfriend who helped boyfriend Beau Wiles escape from NSW prison sentenced to jail

REBECCA Watts, the woman who helped boyfriend Beau Wiles escape from a NSW prison, has been sentenced to at least 18 months in prison.

Beau Wiles escaped from Goulburn Correctional Centre in the NSW Southern Tablelands on the morning of September 30 by scaling a perimeter fence of a work area.

Wiles had been waiting for her boyfriend just around the corner in a black Holden Commodore after organising his escape just days earlier.


The pair were arrested when their vehicle was stopped just off the M1 Motorway on Five Islands Road at 5.05pm on October 1.

After police searched Watts’ handbag they uncovered a notebook containing a handwritten note which read: “Well I got my bubba back. Broke out of jail; and I picked him up”.

Watts was today sentenced to 18 months behind bars, while Wiles’ matter will be mentioned again on December 9, when he is expected to plead guilty.