Gisele Bundchen ridiculed for secret ‘boob job’

Gisele Bundchen is being slammed by fellow Brazilians after news broke she disguised herself in a burqa while visiting a plastic-surgery clinic in Paris.

It’s believed the supermodel may have undergone a boob job, as she has been unhappy with her sagging breasts since giving birth to her two children with NFL husband Tom Brady.

It’s not the fact the leggy 35-year-old had surgery that is getting her fellow countrymen riled up, rather that she chose to don the Muslim gear to try and keep her apparent boob job a secret.


“Why does she [Gisele] need to show that she’s the perfect woman, who relies on yoga and quinoa to maintain her looks?” said Brazil’s R7 TV commentator. “Look, sister, you’re only human, like every other woman.”

Gisele has always maintained she is against surgical enhancements, and instead keeps her figure trim and taut with a healthy lifestyle.