G:link beefing up services for the biggest week of the year

The biggest week of the year is here for the Gold Coast, as preparations for the GC600 ramp up during race week.

It’s also the biggest week of the year for G:Link, so as thousands of people begin flocking the coast, the Gold Coast trams are preparing to transport them all.

150 extra rides will bolster services over the weekend, shortening the usual 10 minute wait between trams to just 7.5 minutes.


In peak times on Saturday afternoon that wait time will drop down to 6.5 minutes in both directions.

G:Link General Manager Operations Jason Ward says ‘the G’ is a big part of the event.

“We carried over 180,000 people in the three days last year, and it’s one of the best ways to get to and from the event,” Mr Ward said.

Mr Ward says that those carrying a ticket to the event will be able to travel easily on public transport.

“There’s integrated ticketing, so anyone that has an event ticket or race credentials, all you have to do is carry that and you’ll get free trips on public transport across bus, trams and trains for the event weekend,” Mr Ward said.

As the Gold Coast’s biggest event of the year, everyone going along – via the tram or otherwise – is being urged to be patient and careful.

“Safety is our big priority for events like this, we’ve had incident free operation for the last few years and we hope to keep it that way.

“We are running a lot of extra services, so people just need to be patient, cue for the trams, cue safely and stay off the tracks,” Mr Ward said.

The weather is set to bring warm and dry conditions, though it hasn’t always been the case for the Gold Coast street racing event.

Gold Coast local driver Tim Slade will be racing this weekend, and says the tram is a great way to get to and from the event.

“Normally I ride to and from the track – living at Mermaid – it’s a good way to obviously not get held up in traffic.

“You can ride straight into your pit area, you don’t have to worry about parking or anything.

“It was raining in 2017, so yeah I was fortunate enough to get a surf board, so I ditched the bike and got the tram home.

“I actually passed some mates on the way home and they were geeing me up, taking photos and making fun of me.

“I got home quick and easy and dry, so it was ideal.

“If it’s raining, ill probably jump on the tram again,” Slade said.