Glitter pills to make you shimmer

This Christmas its not just the lights and ornaments that are shining…

An online Etsy shop has stunned customers by offering ‘glitter pills’ for sale.

Never heard of them? Neither had we until today! Apparently you can buy these pills online and although it states in the items description ‘not intended for oral consumption’ it’s totally safe and non-toxic, meaning you can purchase the sparkly pills to turn your toilet bowl into a disco party.


But how did eating glitter pills even become a thing? Like most Internet trends, the idea was first introduced on Reddit.

In the post, a Reddit user shared a link titled, “These pills make you poop glitter — 5/$15 on etsy.” Upon visiting the link, users will find a wide variety of sparkly shiny glitter pill offerings that, if eaten, will allegedly make your next bowel movement a wonder to behold.

You may think this is beyond a joke, but a couple who have been selling the pills since February claim to have filled thousands of orders for their ‘interesting’ glitter capsules.