Go Card loophole closure to save honest Gold Coast commuters

A GO CARD loophole has been closed in a bid to reward honest public transport users.

The refundable deposit on adult go cards has been increased from $5 to $10 after research showed thousands of people across the network were running their balance below the $5 deposit and then disposing of the card.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson said the savings would be reinvested back into the public transport network.


“Since we increased the refundable deposit to $10 there are now 20 per cent less cards falling below the negative threshold, particularly on the Airport line,” Mr Emerson said.

“Savings from closing this loophole will be reinvested back into the network,” he added.

Go Cards are used across Queensland’s public transport network and will also be effective when the Light Rail is running across the Gold Coast from next month.