Go Catch gearing up to enter the Gold Coast ride-share market

Alternative ride-sharing companies are gearing up to enter the market on the Gold Coast as soon as new laws are passed in Queensland.

While much of the focus has been on Uber, Go Catch CEO David Holmes is planning to have hundreds of drivers on the roads of the tourist strip.

Mr Holmes said his company will not launch until new legislation comes into effect on September 5.


“Go Catch was founded in 2011 as a taxi booking service, primarily as a GPS-based app,” he said.

“We’ve always been of the opinion that ride-sharing and taxis can sit side by side, but we’ve always waited until the laws come through.

“We’ll start in Brisbane and very quickly, in late September or early October, open on the Gold Coast.”

Mr Holmes said the minimum number of drivers the company will need is around 100 to 150 initially.

The company aims to increase that to a minimum of 300 drivers every day of the week.

He believes the potential for growth in the industry is very strong across the board.

“We think the potential on the Gold Coast is very high and there is a lot of demand for (ride-sharing) in the marketplace.

“People may not know that we rate both our drivers and our customers, and if passengers misbehave they are effectively taken off the platform.

“That means the drivers are a lot more comfortable, they’re safe and they’re not getting jerks in their car.

“That’s something we built for taxi drivers but it’s equally important for ride-share drivers,” he said.