Go dry for July to help Queenslanders with cancer

Queensland, it’s time to put down your drinks and go booze-free for the month of July in a show of support for people affected by cancer.

Cancer Council Queensland has been named a beneficiary of Dry July in 2016, with funds raised supporting more than 26,000 Queenslanders diagnosed with cancer each year.

Dry July takes a light-hearted approach to raising funds for a serious issue by challenging participants to give up booze from July 1 to 31.


Cancer Council Queensland spokesperson Katie Clift challenged Queenslanders to go booze-free and raise vital funds for the cause. “Dry July not only benefits your health, but significantly benefits the lives of those affected by cancer,” Ms Clift said. “Taking part enables you to detox your body and focus on the value of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Everyone who goes booze-free will be rewarded with a great sense of achievement and improved wellbeing. This month, swap alcohol for a soda water, or a cocktail for a tasty mocktail and raise funds for Queenslanders in need.”

Funds raised from Dry July directly benefit Australians affected by cancer in real and tangible ways, providing funds to create better environments and support networks for patients and their families.

In 2016, funds raised for Cancer Council Queensland will support the charity’s Cancer Counselling Service. Last year the vital service received more than 1400 referrals for counselling and provided support to more than 1600 Queenslanders through around 3400 client and therapy sessions.

“Every drink you give up and every dollar you raise helps ease the burden of cancer in our communities, reducing stress and adding comfort to those in a time of need,” Ms Clift said.

Dry Julyers are supported by an online community of participants, ambassadors and partners providing advice, help and encouragement throughout the challenge. Visit www.dryjuly.com to register or find out more information on past funds in action, celebrity supporters and fundraising tallies.