Go Fund Me page for Kelly Wilkinson’s kids reaches $100K

The Go Fund Me page started for the Gold Coast mother of three who was allegedly murdered at her home has now raised over $100,000.

27-year-old Kelly Wilkinson’s burned body was discovered in the backyard of her Arundel home on the morning of Tuesday, April 20.

Her estranged partner, 34-year-old Brian Johnston, was found with serious burn injuries two blocks away and was hospitalised under police guard.


He remains in a Brisbane hospital receiving treatment but has been charged with murder and breaching a domestic violence order.

His case was mentioned briefly in Southport Court yesterday morning, where it was adjourned until June.

Kelly Wilkinson’s three children, all under the age of nine, were at the home at the time of the horrible incident.

They were placed into the care of authorities, seen leaving the scene in an unmarked police car on Tuesday morning.

A Go Fund Me page was set up by Kelly’s sister, Natalie, on Tuesday, with the aim of raising $50,000 for funeral costs and the kids schooling.

It has today ticked over $100,000. Natalie posted an update saying they’re ‘lost for words’.

“We would like to say thank you to every person who has donated or shared our post!

“We are lost for words with the generosity found within the community.

“We would like to let everyone know we really appreciate all the donations and kind words,” her update read late yesterday.

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