Go Gold Coast

MEMORY #1 –  watching the Seagulls mascot beat seven shades of stuffing out of whichever opposing mascot was stupid enough to highlight how trounced we were getting on the field.

MEMORY #2 – watching in awe as Garry Ablett Jnr becomes the Kelly Slater of the AFL at the Suns.

I could go on for a while here, but my point is that over the years, we have been blessed with so many great sporting memories here on the Gold Coast.


So why do so many seats remain empty on game day each weekend? And why have so many franchises fallen?

Giants, Seagulls, Chargers, Blaze, GC United –remembered now in the op shops and memorabilia stores throughout the Gold Coast.

You would think a city that has buried so many teams would be a little more open-minded about supporting the ones still breathing.

But we aren’t.

Walk into half the pubs or clubs on the Gold Coast and ask which TV the Suns are on, and you will still get that ‘we don’t take kindly to your type round here’ look.

Walk into the other half and ask which TV the Titans are playing on, and you are likely to be met by a Victorian ex-pat who would sooner eat his own scarf than change the channel to such a thugs sport.

Could it be that – when it comes to sport – we Gold Coasters have never truly learnt to be parochial about the city that defines us geographically?

Like the United Nations where member countries ultimately care more about their homeland than the larger entity, ‘The Gold Coast’ is not a catch-cry that inspires much passion in its inhabitants.

Those ex-pats who have moved here have stayed loyal to their childhood teams, and the sons and daughters born and raised on the Gold Coast are too busy barracking for Logan, Currumbin, Broadbeach or Nerang to care of the fortunes of ‘the Gold Coast’.

I am not saying there is no passion here – I have learnt words I didn’t know existed listening to fired up nanna’s from Bilambil to Beenleigh berating referees and opposition players alike in die-hard support of their team and town.

But that town is never ‘the Gold Coast’.

Where are our Marathon Stadium Nanna’s bedecked in their Blue and Red? Where our Purple Haze, our Tigerland army or the Southerland Shire stalwarts?

Where are our faithful shouting ‘Go Gold Coast’?

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