Go home media, You are drunk

EVERYONE is sick of hearing that name.

Everyone is sick of hearing about how everyone is sick of hearing that name.

So I won’t say it.


Unfortunately, the media aren’t like everyone else and continue to be possessed.

The money spent sending senior reporters and television presenters to Bali – to record for posterity pictures of a hooded figure getting into a van – could have pulled the nation back into surplus.

A news personality on Twitter sneered: ‘Everyone says they don’t want to hear about (beep) but they are all watching’.

Yes, idiot, we were watching. We were watching in amazement as you all brawled with each other to get the best shot of a woman with a bag over her head.

The high point was the major network star standing in the middle of a media scrum bitching about the local media being so pushy.

“The local media is really out of control,” he said as a lot of non-Asian looking cameramen scuffled around him.

One network interviewed a psychologist at length about (beep’s) mental health before breaking away to live footage of their screaming reporters thrusting microphones in her face.

There was an exclusive story about the network which reportedly paid $3 million for the exclusive story – an exclusive on an exclusive.

Then all the media who didn’t get the exclusive indignantly denounced how much the network that did was paying a convicted drug smuggler.

And, in tiny writing at the bottom of the screen, scrolled news that Victorian bush fires had destroyed dozens of homes.

Would (beep) be so infamous if the media had not been in Bali to mark the bombing anniversary when she was arrested?

It was a story created by the media, for the media and they sure have been making the most of their regular trips to Bali ever since.

Now (beep) just has to stay out of trouble for three years.

Under her parole conditions (beep) could be thrown back in jail for the slightest misdemeanour such as dressing inappropriately or belting an annoying journalist.

So now would be a good time for her overzealous supporters to shut up about corrupt governments and justice systems. Good luck with that.

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