Gogglebox Schmogglebox

Ok so I’ve kept quiet about this for far longer than I should have, but after the ad came on for the millionth time last night I could no longer sit quietly by.

It seems that it wasn’t bad enough that we had to suffer through a decade of Big Brother – where watching people in a completely constructed ‘reality’ interact with one another was called entertainment.

Now we get to watch a show where all we do is watch other people watch other shows, presumably completely unaware that they are being filmed.


It really is all I can do to not swear here, but surely enough is enough.

Like American ‘professional’ wrestling, there are two types of people who love (and I do mean LOVE) what we call reality TV.

There are the people who are actually quite aware that it is as far from reality as a show can get, but despite this knowledge, watch it all the same as if they believed every minute was pure reality.

And then there is the second group – the folks out there that actually believe that it IS reality they are watching.

I’m not sure which group is to be pitied more, the ones that know what they’re doing or the oblivious ones, but to the second group, I really think a few quick ‘reality’ checks are needed where Gogglebox (just typing it angers me) is concerned.

First, no TV studio (or private citizen for that matter) is allowed to break in to someone’s home, install a camera on or near the TV, record what they see, then publically broadcast that content without complete consent from said home’s owners.

So from the very start these people know they are being filmed, so their entire behaviour is an act and as far from real life as they are likely to get.

Secondly, this attempt to mirror reality is about as effective as the M1 during peak hour.

Where is the dad watching tv in nothing but his reg grundies just because he can? Where the mum yelling at her 13 year old son from the kitchen to ‘get his hand out of there’?

Where is the mini-domestic about what channel will be on and who gets to hold the remote? Where the swearing, the canoodling, the screaming babies?

No, apparently all of Australia just sit down calmly and in pairs to watch TV, with either a chesty bonds singlet and stubby of beer, a nice glass of red, or a knitting needle.


No seriously….Really?

I’m really not sure which is sadder, that this show was conceived of in the first place and approved for a pilot, or that people are actually watching it.

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