Going no where fast! Another day, another crash on the Gold Coast’s M1

A SERIES of multi-vehicle crashes have ground the southbound lanes of the M1 to a halt on the northern Gold Coast.

Three separate accidents have occurred between Yatala and Pimpama, reducing traffic to a crawl.

The accidents occurred around midday, all within a few kilometres of each other. See map below.


At 1.25pm, traffic was still backed up for a little over 10 kilometres.

Service roads running alongside the M1 are also becoming jammed as motorists scramble to avoid the delays.

It remains unclear how many people, if any, have been injured.

Motorists are urged to delay their journey south or seek an alternate route.

Traffic at 1.20pm SOURCE: Google Maps

Saturday’s string of crashes come a day after a tanker loaded with 15,000 litres of Hydrochloric Acid exploded into a ferocious fireball on the M1 near the Logan Hyperdome.

Southbound lanes were closed for more than eight hours while emergency crews extinguished the inferno and decanted the acid from the charred tanker before they could clear the wreckage and reopen the lanes.

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r****ed drivers…half the people on the road have no f#@king idea how to drive.. they need to wake up and realize they are not the only ones on the road and there are others around them, soooo watch what u r doing, do not play on your phones or talk bulls*** to your passangers, if u cant keep your eyes on the road. For those that cant drive, and you know who u are, and the ones that have no confidence or no idea what your doing, go get some more lessons, stay in the left lane, or just stay the f#@k off the road…you affect other people and are the main cause of accidents because of your ignorence. Remember – driving is not a right, its a privilage for those who can…
Police should be pulling people over, that do stupid things on the road, eg. not merging properly or not using a round about correctly, or not looking at posted speeds, as not only speed can cause accidents but its the slow drivers that are usually the ones with no confidence that cause others to get frustrated and do silly things to get around them to do the posted speeds. The police should not fine them, but issue them a ticket, stating that they must attend a minimum of 2 driving lessons on the area that they have been ticked for. This way, its a win win win, drivers become more confident in that area, eg merging, they will cause less head aches for other road users, causing less disruptions and accidents on the road, the police depatment can also get a % of the cost of the lessons from the ‘learn to to drive’ companies, but its mostly to create a more safe and enjoyable drive for all on the road.
Just my two cents