Going postal

IF Australia Post is wondering why it’s losing money when online shopping and home delivery is booming I can tell them.

Your service sucks.

Recently I found a package in my driveway addressed to another street that had fallen out of the driver’s van when he delivered a package to me.


So I rang Australia Post.

“Just bring it in next time you’re near a post office,” said someone showing very little concern.

Well, that’s not really my job. Can’t you ring the driver and tell him to come back?

“Sorry, we don’t have contact with the drivers. Just bring it in when you can,” she replied, not even bothering to get my name.

When I can? Maybe I can’t.

No concern whatsoever about the package and the person it was supposed to go to.

Then I bought something on the internet and waited at home for it, following its progress via online tracking as it arrived at the depot, was picked up by the driver and delivered.

Wait! What?

Delivered? No it wasn’t.

Rang Australia Post again, said it must have just been delivered to the wrong address and if they quickly rang the driver it could be sorted out.

“We don’t have contact with the drivers. You will have to contact the sender and ask them to notify us that it has not been delivered and we can then launch an investigation which will take about 6 weeks,” said a robot.

I’ve waited at home all day for something to be delivered only to find a card in my letter box telling me to pick it up from the post office.

One day I rang Australia Post to complain.

Apparently posties and drivers are not supposed to leave their vehicles to walk up to the door of a unit block so they just leave a card instead.

The intercom was on the driveway, they could have driven right up to it.

But did you know that if you live in a unit block you probably shouldn’t bother paying for special delivery because it won’t be delivered anyway?

Well I live in a house now and it is still happening.

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