Going the full Brazilian

WHO got up to watch the opening ceremony?

You know, that world cup thingy happening in Brazil?



I know some on the Gold Coast are still a bit sensitive about that sport that starts with ‘S’ after the traumatic Palmeresque collapse of the Gold Coast’s once promising team.

Oh for goodness sake, I’m just going to say the word because I refuse to call it football.

Soccer, I’m talking about soccer.

Who is excited about watching the Socceroos compete?

Remember the halcyon days of the 2006 World Cup when the entire nation stumbled around exhausted after staying up to watch our team go all the way to the, umm, second round only to be beaten by a cheating Italy.

I didn’t eat spaghetti for days in protest.

And I don’t even like soccer. It’s boring.

If Rugby is the game they play in heaven, then soccer is the game they play in hell.

But our World Cup bid really doesn’t have the same buzz this time, does it.

And it’s hard to get up early or stay up late to watch when our team has been written off already.

Unfortunately, I’m also a bit afraid to watch.

I recently saw a news report on the numerous stadiums that were required for the World Cup and how some of them haven’t even been completed yet. Or properly.

So instead of seeing the skill and passion of the players, I suspect I will be watching from between my fingers, worrying over whether a column seems to be swaying or if a roof seems to be drooping.

The Brazilians have spent $11 billion, an offensive amount of money, on stadiums some of which are destined to be white elephants due to their locations in remote and poor towns.

One 46,000 seat stadium was built deep in the Amazon in an area with little road access at a cost of $270 million for just four world cup games.
It reminds me of something. Oh yes.

It is like spending billions of dollars building an exact replica of a famous sunken ship that no one will want anything to do with once the novelty has worn off.

Very Palmeresque.