Gold Coast activist takes stand against Cecil killing – on day of protest

A mass protest was held in the US, on Friday morning our time, in memory of Cecil the lion who was killed in Africa.

In July American Dentist Walter Palmer was accused of shooting and beheading the great beast after luring him out of a national park in Zimbabwe.

Animal welfare groups, politicians, businesses and celebrities including mother of Melanie Griffth, Tippi Hedren, took part in the latest stand against the Safari Club.


In 2001 the Safari Club convinced Zimbabwe to overturn a ban on killing big game.  The change also affected the way in which the animals can be slaughtered.

Gold Coast activist Lynn Santer is a close friend of Tippi’s (both pictured below) and commented on the recent slaughter of Cecil.

Lynn Santer with Tippi Hedren at her big cat ranch in California

Lynn Santer with Tippi Hedren at her big cat ranch in California

She said “what that man did to that magnificent creature is vile and despicable”.

However “that one tragic death has done more, to not only raise awareness, but to stir people into action”.

Lynn, the author of bestselling book Land of the Free, added there are a number of bans that have been put in place around the world since it happened on hunting, on importing trophies, it has done more positive for the cause than anything else ever has and this is going to be Cecil’s legacy”.

Ms Santer added that people can change.  She mentioned British conservationist George Adamson who “started life as a hunter, it was his involvement with Joy Adamson that turned him into a conservationist”.

“I do believe that as awful as these people are and as awful as these incidents are, light does come out of darkness, good does come out of bad and that does seem to be what’s happening here”.

Sadly she said “everybody thinks they have no power to act, to have an impact on these people because they’re so rich, they’re so famous, they’re so powerful”.

But she said that’s not true “once we know who these people are every time you as an individual can not vote for that person when they’re running for office, every time you as an individual make the decision not to buy from that person, that company, but from another person’s company, every time you as an individual decide not to go to that Dentist but to go to another Dentist, you are sending a message they understand”.

“You are hitting them in their wealth and power and every drop makes up the ocean and every decision every individual makes counts”.

For more have a look at Lynn and Tippi’s story featured in a TV expose in 2006.

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