Gold Coast Airport landing technology a way off

THERE are further delays in the delivery of new and vital technology for Gold Coast Airport.

The Instrument Landing System, which helps planes land in bad weather, may not be installed for a while yet.

Mayor Tom Tate recently said our airport was world class, while welcoming a move to introduce direct flights to the US.


He remains hopeful that we will soon have ILS technology, saying “safety is utmost, I don’t know the technical term for it but I know that investment towards making sure our radar system is top notch under any weather condition is being looked at and I know that investment will come forward”.

Mayor Tate said the Directors and the Board of Gold Coast Airport are looking to update the airport to even be more world class, specifically for VIP visitors too.

Airport Managing Director Dennis Chant said on Friday they are looking forward to getting an Instrument Landing System.

He admitted it has been quite a long and complex journey, and they had hoped to have it installed by the middle of next year but it now looks like that could happen closer to the end of 2015.

Mr Chant explained that “one of the complicating factors is that the installation is not just totally on Airport land, it’s on land to the south of the Airport and the New South Wales Government has been quite supportive and leased that land to us”.

“We’re in the throes of entering a lease with Air Services Australia, who will actually own and operate the Instrument Landing System infrastructure” Mr Chant said.

Air Services has the funding required, meaning Airport management just needs to go through the approval processes at a State and Federal level.

This week Mayor Tate said he supported calls for direct flights between Coolangatta and China as well as update the Airport to be even more world class specially for VIP visitors.

Mr Chant agreed that is on the cards, he said “we’re looking at the next stage of the development of the Airport, we have a three to four year program which we’re developing the designs in consultation with our airlines and Government agencies at the moment”.

“And as well, seeking the various environmental approvals we have to have through the Federal Government, the next phase of development will require significant changes to the drainage system around the Airport so that’s obviously quite complex in terms of studying the flooding impacts and environmental impacts” Mr Chant said.

Mayor Tate also said parking would need to be addressed to make sure it is convenient, as we welcome more visitors.