Gold Coast Airport welcomes inaugural Air Asia X service

Gold Coast Airport celebrated the launch of the inaugural AirAsia X Auckland services on Wednesday.

Airport Chief Operating Officer Marion Charlton said daily trans-Tasman services would be well received from both an inbound and outbound perspective.

“48% of our total international passenger numbers are comprised of the New Zealand market.


“Currently, Gold Coast Airport operates up to 30 outbound services per week to New Zealand.

“With so much variety on offer in New Zealand, visitors are able to enjoy a relaxing holiday complete with that iconic New Zealand landscape and coastline, or they can opt for a more adrenaline fuelled getaway to the snow.

“The Gold Coast welcomes about 180,000 visitors from New Zealand each year. It is a popular destination for VFR’s due to the large New Zealand expat community living on the Gold Coast, and also acts as a great year-round summer escape from the cold New Zealand climate.

“In January this year, Gold Coast Airport welcomed over 600,000 passengers, representing our biggest month ever. This great result came on the back of another milestone, in which Gold Coast Airport welcomed over 6 million passengers in 2015,” said Ms Charlton.

Gold Coast Tourism CEO Martin Winter welcomed the news, which represents an increased capacity for a core international market.

Gold Coast Airport COO Marion Charlton and AAX’S Russell Hole joined by SLSQ mascot – supplied

“Any initiative that increases the number of overseas visitors – in this case New Zealanders – to the Gold Coast is of great benefit to the destination. New Zealanders know we have a great offering here year round and we expect our diverse appeal will keep them coming back,” said Martin.

Since commencing services to the Gold Coast in November 2007, Gold Coast Airport has welcomed over 1.3 million AirAsia X inbound and outbound passengers.

“We strongly value the partnership we have with AirAsia X, and we look forward to continuing this well into the future,” Ms Charlton said.

The services will be operated by an A333, offering daily flight services between Kuala Lumpur – Gold Coast – Auckland – Gold Coast – Kuala Lumpur.