Gold Coast Airport workers to take part in national protest

Employees from Coolangatta Airport are going to stage a ‘noisy’ demonstration at the airport on Thursday, as part of a national protest.

Airport workers around the country will protest unsafe and unfair work conditions, calling for an end to low rates and part time work.

They’re also calling for an end to deliberate under staffing which is causing high injuries and safety and security breaches.


Other demonstrations will be staged at Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

The Gold Coast protest will begin around 11.00am, and last around 30 minutes to an hour.

The Transport Workers’ Union released a statement this afternoon, confirming the protests will take place.

“Australia’s airports are highly profitable – the four main airports made over $2.2 billion in profits in 2017/18, according to the ACCC.

“But these profits are not being shared with workers at the airport, who struggle on low pay and as few as 15 hours a week.

“Workers across Australia have served claims on the airports demanding the same pay for the same job and to ensure that safety, not low cost, is the number one priority when contracts at the airport are awarded,” the statement reads.

It’s understood that after the demonstration, protesters will submit a letter to the Airport Corporation Office, calling for better working conditions.