Gold Coast and SEQ about to swelter through heat wave

AIR CONDITIONERS will be pumping across the Gold Coast this week, as the city swelters through an Autumn heat wave.

Temperatures are forecast to reach the mid-30s today and tomorrow, before dipping slightly to the low-30s mid-week.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, the mercury in both Coomera and Nerang will rise to 35 degrees, while in Surfers Paradise the forecast top temperature is 32.


Combined with the humidity, the ‘feels like’ temperature will be a few degrees warmer.

We could also see a thunderstorm sweep across the region late this afternoon.

The entire south east will experience un-seasonal conditions, with the temperature predicted to rise to ten-degrees above-average across Brisbane and Ipswich.

A heatwave warning is in place with Brisbane set to reach 36 degrees today, while neighbouring Ipswich is expected to hit 39 degrees.

The south east has been issued a very high fire danger warning, while regions to the west are on severe alert.