Gold Coast and Tweed bracing for nightmare traffic once border reopens

The community of Coolangatta and Tweed will again bear the brunt of another change to Queensland’s border conditions.

From Monday, Queensland’s border will again ‘reopen’ to fully vaccinated people from interstate hotspots, provided they get tested before coming over the border and then get tested again on day five.

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While residents within the border bubble won’t be required to get tested in order to cross over, they are already being warned of horror traffic conditions.

Tweed MP Geoff Provest is also urging locals to reconsider travelling in the first couple of days.

“The downside with anything, we’re anticipating fairly severe traffic congestion at our border checkpoints,” Mr Provest told myGC.

“One modelling I’ve seen it actually stems back down to Byron Bay.

“I’ve been assured by our NSW police they’ve been dealing with their Queensland counterparts in trying to minimise that.

“But really it’s good news – not ideal, but at least we can have some normality,” he said.

Queensland Police will continue stopping cars at the checkpoints to ensure everyone coming across is fully vaccinated, a measure that will stay in place until Queensland hits 90 percent double vaccination rate.

“I think with a high vaccination rate here in Tweed, we’re just about to hit 90 per cent, where Qld is at about 75 per cent double dose and as I said we haven’t had a community outbreak.

“So I think it’s a bit of an overkill at the moment. I really do.

“I know there’s concern about the new variant out there but we haven’t had community transmission here.

“We’re dependent, our front door is Queensland, our back door is New South Wales, many people work on both sides of the border and the heartbreak I’ve seen with families separated and businesses on the border – they’re doing it really tough and some of them won’t survive,” Mr Provest said.

Currumbin MP Laura Gerber agrees that the relief of the border finally opening quickly turned to panic about local traffic.

She’s suggesting a ‘local’s lane’ for the border community of Coolangatta and Tweed to alleviate pressure.

“We know that that happened with the truckies, the truckies got their own lane and their own checkpoint and that was operationalised but they could do that in reverse for border locals,” Ms Gerber told I

While Ms Gerber believes this is a sensible solution, she’s already sceptical about the state government even considering it.

“Oh look, if we get it, great, but honestly, they’ve (the state government) had enough time to get this sorted.

“But if it takes all the chaos and confusion in order for them to do something about then we’ll take whatever we can get on the border,” she said.

Queensland Police have acknowledged that it will once again be a difficult time for the border community.

Commissioner Katarina Carrol has told The Today Show that the traffic should subside after the first few days.

“We expect the delays to reduce dramatically.

“Those people know their areas very, very well and where to access probably better than the general public.

“But I think that is a great concession for that area. It really is one city whether you’re in northern New South Wales or southern Queensland, that bubble is one city.

“They’ve been used to this, they’ve cooperated and been exceptionally compliant.

“All they need now is to have a border pass and they can move freely around that area,” Commissioner Carrol told The Today Show. 

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