Gold Coast associate of ‘Postcard Bandit’ applies for bail

The Gold Coast man who was linked to the notorious “Postcard Bandit” has applied for bail in Southport Magistrates Court as he faces a slew of fresh charges.

Brendan Berichon, 41, was captured by police in February after a dramatic three-week manhunt.

Berichon alleged fled into bushland in Maudsland, where bushfires had been burning for several days, to try and evade officers who had wanted to speak to him over charges of assault, stealing and being unlawfully at large.


Berichon rose to fame as a teenager when he fired shots at prison guards while Postcard Bandit Brendan Abbott made his infamous breakout from Wacol Prison back in 1999.

He was clearly frustrated as he appeared in Southport Court on Tuesday, telling the court his bail application had been “dragging on and on” and refused to have it adjourned again.

The matter will be heard again later today.