Gold Coast author dispells detox myths in new book

GOLD COAST yoga and pilates guru Michelle Merrifield has launched a new book designed to guide everyday Australians through the often confusing world of detoxification.

Body Buddhaful Detox features easy-to-understand explanations of what a detox does, the benefits of detoxing, the different types of detoxes, and her guide to ensuring your detoxification is successful.

Michelle, who this year celebrated the tenth anniversary of her renowned studio Essence of Living, said the 80 page soft cover book is a culmination of her decades of learning as a yogini, yoga instructor and holistic health practitioner.


“Since I was 12 years old I have been very sensitive to my internal and external environments, and the important role proper nourishment plays in our wellbeing,” Michelle says.

“Detox is an overused term and often misunderstood. It often comes under fire because people embark on a detox without fully understanding the concept.

“Detox is not about deprivation. Detox is about giving your body clean energy and allowing it to use its own natural processes to rid itself of toxins that build up as part of almost any modern diet.

“My book helps demystify the process and shows simple, easy to implement ways to undertake a detox, whether it is a master cleanse or a simple three day detox.

The book includes Michelle’s personal detox plan and recipes for detox juices, smoothies and soups such as Creamy Coconut Beetroot Soup, Green Avocado Smoothie, Acai Berry Smoothie and Blood Builder Beetroot Juice.

This is the third book for Michelle who has also published the Body Buddhaful Journal, designed to accompany the Body Buddhaful Challenge and Breathe Bend Blossom, designed to help readers to apply the lessons of yoga in their daily life.

Michelle will launch the book at her studio on Friday. It can be purchased from the Essence of Living studio, online or from Mrs Flannerys at Miami.