Gold Coast based charity founder to run for Australian Senate

Bravehearts’ founder Hetty Johnston has announced she’ll run as an independent candidate in the Federal Election.

The high profile child protection advocate is set to nominate for a Queensland Senate position.

Hetty Johnston says she will take her fight for Australian kids all the way to Canberra.


She plans to establish a Royal Commission into Australia’s Family Law System, which she believes is failing Australian children.

Ms Johnston says she’s fed-up with our politicians and wants voters to believe again.

“I’ve spent 22 years fighting this fight and I feel like I’ve done as much as I can outside of the political tent.

“The only thing I haven’t done is advocate for children from inside Parliament and now is the right time to do just that.

“Being an independent means that I will be free to lobby for the causes I truly believe in.

“I will not be beholden to any party and no one will be telling me what to say or do.

“Like most people, I don’t believe in our politicians anymore.

“We’ve all seen the smoke and mirrors, the lies and distractions.

“We’ve lost faith and hope, but we have the right to believe again.

“It’s time to hold our politicians accountable and that’s exactly what I am planning to do,” Ms Johnston said.

Ms Johnston, who was Queensland leader of the then Australian Democrats in the 1990s, said she had strong views on other societal issues that needed to be addressed.

“Child protection will always be my number one priority but you don’t work in this space without being well qualified to address other concerns,” she said.

“I’ve run national and state companies, owned two small businesses and built Bravehearts from nothing to be Australia’s leading child protection organisation.