Gold Coast beach club trial at Kurrawa to be extended

A trial of the Gold Coast’s first beach club at Kurrawa will be extended for another six weeks.

The initial two-month trial was meant to wrap up today but the club will continue to operate until March 14.

Some ordinary weather over the last two months as well as the Omicron wave has prompted Council to extend the trial.


That will give Council more time to assess whether it should become an annual thing.

Mayor Tom Tate says he’s delighted that it will continue saying the beach club has been well received.

“It’s been thumbs up. Those critics saying there’s going to be litter, it’s going to damage the environment, there’s going to be people swimming and drowning, none of that has occurred,” Mayor Tate said.

“I have been down many times…and it’s a family atmosphere and the kids running around making sandcastles, parents sipping beautiful cocktails and eating fine foods.

“It’s a next-level tourism offering and I didn’t have anyone tapping me on the shoulder saying they don’t like it, and for those critics, I can tell you none of them went in to check it out”

The Mayor says they will continue to engage with local residents to get their take on what impact the club has had so far.

“Additional six weeks means additional data so that council can get a report and then we can look at whether we do it on a yearly basis.”