Gold Coast beaches given tick of approval ahead of summer months

THE CITY of Gold Coast believe our iconic beaches are in great shape and more than ready for summer crowds.

Today Mayor Tom Tate surveyed 30 kilometres of the coast from The Spit to Rainbow Bay, inspecting the beaches and the efforts of City staff and community groups to prepare them for the summer months.

Mayor Tate took the opportunity to thank all those who had contributed to the city’s beaches being in such good condition ahead of the summer season.


“It’s no easy task looking after Australia’s best beaches, and it’s a responsibility we take very seriously,” he said.

“I’d like to thank the many thousands of unsung local heroes who care for our beaches every day of the year, from local residents who pick up rubbish every time they step onto the sand, to the volunteer groups who care for our dunes, to the City staff including engineers, beach cleaners and lifeguards who all do their bit to make a difference.”

“As a result of their efforts, the City’s annual beach protection works, and minimal storm impacts last year, the health of our beaches has improved, and we are in a good position to better manage this summer’s storm season.”

Mayor Tate also warned locals that storm season is approaching and the Coast’s beached could be affected.

This summer’s king tides are due around 20-23 January, with higher than usual tides also expected either side of 23 December and 19 February.

For beach advice and updates during summer, visit