Gold Coast beaches inundated with ‘cornflake seaweed’

If you plan on going for a stroll along the beach this afternoon, you may want to consider taking a pair of gumboots.

A huge amount of algae, known as ‘cornflake seaweed’ has washed ashore along some of our southern beaches, with locals and tourists finding out the hard way that it’s a lot deeper than it looks.

The thick seaweed is up to 1 metre deep in some parts at Palm Beach, with video posted to social media by Channel 9 showing pets even struggling to make their way through the debris.


City of Gold Coast says the sudden build up of seaweed is due to the current weather conditions.

“Gold Coast beaches periodically experience seaweed accumulation – this is a natural process that often occurs at this time of year,” Council said.

“Recent beach conditions have led to the accumulation of the seaweed in pockets along our coastline.

“Seaweed is a marine plant protected under the Fisheries Act administered by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.”

Council confirmed they will work with the State Government if the situation gets worse, with fears the seaweed could start to smell.

“The City is actively monitoring the accumulation of seaweed on our beaches,” City of Gold Coast said in a statement.

No maintenance work is currently proposed to remove the seaweed, however council says they have “machinery on standby” to carry out removal works if necessary.