Gold Coast beaches re-open

TWO Gold Coast beaches were closed on Monday, due to treacherous conditions.

Large and powerful surf will make coastal activities such as rock fishing and swimming a bit hair raising until Thursday.

Lifeguard Peter Miller said Currumbin and Burleigh beaches were off-limits during high tide.


They have since re-opened.

He said the swell is “very easterly so that protected end of the coast is the best for the waves”.

Mr Miller said the board riders were enjoying the experience.

A strong wind warning remains in place for today and tomorrow.  “The message remains the same, if you are swimming swim between the flags, check with the Lifeguards” Mr Miller said.

The Weather Bureau tells us there is a trough off the coast of New South Wales and there is a weak low northeast of Brisbane.

During the week that low will deepen and move back towards the coast.

Isolated showers early in the week will increase in intensity into Wednesday.

Forecaster Ilona Coote said rain forecasts can be a bit hit and miss but we could see between 30 and 50 mm land mid-week.