Gold Coast beachgoers could soon have meals and drinks delivered to them

A local council vote on the commercialisation of food and drink on Gold Coast beaches could see meals delivered directly to the tanning and surfing masses.

ALEX HEINKE reports. 

Gold Coast City Council met on Tuesday, and according to a Brisbane Times report, they discussed the possibility of the public being able to order food and have it delivered to them on the sand.


No decision was reached and the matter was deferred until the next meeting in November after a council member confirmed while it is legal to deliver food and beverages to the beaches it is illegal for money to change hands.

With most people now paying for food and drink deliveries via apps on their smart phones the council noted that most people could bypass the obstacle of exchanging cash for their orders.

Deputy mayor Donna Gates made the decision to defer the motion, for the second time, asking for more background information on the issue before it is raised again.