GOLD COAST BORDER BLOCK: Everything you need to know

Police are warning motorists to once again brace for long delays at Gold Coast border checkpoints, with Greater Sydney now a declared COVID-19 hotspot and border barriers back in action.

A swarm of officers are currently manning the city’s two major checkpoints, located on the Pacific Motorway and the Gold Coast Highway.

Concrete barriers are expected to be brought back in today to help police manage the border blockade, however at this stage it’s just lane closures in place.


Lengthy delays are already starting to build at the border this morning, with every motorist from NSW (including border residents) requiring a border declaration pass to enter the sunshine state.

Only Sydney residents who have been granted a special exemption will be able to enter Queensland from 1am on Monday, however they will still have to undergo 14 days mandatory hotel quarantine.

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Queensland residents still in Sydney have been given until 1:00am Tuesday to return, where they will have to get tested and quarantine at home until they receive their result.

However from 1am on Tuesday, Queenslanders returning home from Greater Sydney will be forced into 14 days mandatory hotel quarantine at their own expense.

It comes as the COVID-19 outbreak in New South Wales continues to escalate, with almost 70 cases now linked to the Northern Beaches cluster.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said she makes no apologies for the tough action, which comes just days before Christmas.

“In addition, we will make sure Queensland businesses do not let up in their measures against the virus, and that all venues move to electronic registration of patrons,” the Premier said.

Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said paper registration of customers is “not sufficient”, with businesses now being told to take details electronically.

“A compliance blitz in the coming days will include spot-checks and inspections as an additional safeguard for the community,” she said.

What’s changed from 1am 20 December:

  • The Queensland border is closed to anyone who has been in a COVID-19 hotspot in the last 14 days. Currently the Greater Sydney region, Central Coast, Illawarra-Shoalhaven, and Nepean Blue Mountains are hotspots.
  • Anyone who has been overseas in the last 14 days must follow the Quarantine for International Arrivals Direction.
  • Anyone travelling to Queensland who has been in NSW at any time since 1am Friday 11 December must complete a Queensland Border Declaration Pass before they enter Queensland.
  • Anyone who is already in Queensland that has been in Greater Sydney or the Central Coast at any time since 1am Friday 11 December should get a test and quarantine in their home or accommodation until they receive a negative result.
  • Anyone (including all interstate visitors and Queensland residents returning home) who was in the locations below during the dates listed must follow testing and quarantine requirements.

The updated Queensland border declaration pass can be filled out and downloaded here – it is valid for 14 days.

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Here we go again are you kidding me

Be quiet Steve. While you are saying “are you kidding me” do you see that you are part of the problem? Your personal freedom means more to you than those more vulnerable in your community. The tragic fatalities we saw earlier in the year come out of Victoria were probably just interesting tid bits for you and your mates to discuss over a beer. They were people. Each loved and grieved for by somebody. Maybe you have been fortunate enough to be so far unscathed by this pandemic but many families have not been so lucky. Whatever inconvenience this causes you is nothing compared to the inconvenience it will cause you when you are on a ventilator fighting for every breath you take. Or worse, watching someone you love fight for every breath.

Last edited 6 months ago by Allison

Border check points only stop those who are honest.
Still plenty get through just lying on their border passes.

So, returned from Sydney last week, went to get tested today, hospitals lines already closed off and to come back tomorrow with an umbrella and camp chair (not kidding!) Called private clinics, ‘sorry you have no symptoms we can’t test you’ – are you serious?? Residents try to do the right thing, and we get turned away or declined. How ridiculous!!

If your return home by flying direct from SA to QLD do you need to hotel quarantine. I’d prefer to quarantine at home. I drove from qld to SA, via Hay. Now I’m considering selling my car and flying back only to avoid NSW and hotel quarantine